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If our ABOT technology is used to treat circulating water in cooling towers, such as those usual in industrial and building climate control, bacteria and germs are eliminated very effectively.

When using our patented ABOT technology, use is made of hymatic and copper electrolysis to treat water ecologically, without any chemical additives. Hymatic and copper electrolysis are two tried-and-tested, widely used methods of water treatment. This process forms hymatic ions and copper ions. ABOT is thus one of the most suitable water-treatment methods for cooling towers. The hymatic ions formed have high oxidation power (ORP). It is in fact up to three times higher than that of chlorine and is significantly less corrosive. Overall the copper ions emitted improve disinfection of the process. The copper ions will remain active in the circulating cooling water for a long period, thus keeping the entire cooling-water system free of germs.

An extra filtration stage can be incorporated into the process. By so doing, fine physical contamination from the circulating cooling water can be eliminated. This results in improvement to the physical/chemical properties of the water and hence improved output from the primary heat-exchanging process.
In this way, intervals between servicing and maintenance can be extended with a well-installed and well-maintained system, which translates into reduced maintenance costs.

ABOT technology for this purpose is perfected in Hymatic Cooling Towers. With this system, we're able to disinfect cooling-tower water effectively, and maintain the high quality of the water. Hymatic Cooling Towers require relatively little maintenance. It is less expensive both to buy and to run than comparable water-treatment systems.


  • Ecological water treatment without chlorine
  • Continuously monitored disinfection of the cooling-tower water
  • Efficient maintenance of the cooling towers
  • Effective in fighting and controlling bacteria (legionella etc.)
  • Controls corrosion calcification in cooling towers, pipework and fixtures
  • Energy-efficient in the primary process
  • Economical both to buy and maintain as well as in the consumption of chemicals

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