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Research on swimming in chlorinated water shows that it can be harmful to the health. Frequent pool users and young children appear to be especially vulnerable. In virtually all cases, residues from chlorine-disinfected water appear to be the cause of problems. In less severe cases, it can produce bloodshot eyes, burning sensations, red spots or itching at the skin. In more serious cases, it can produce allergies or vomiting.

On the other hand our patented ABOT technology ensures that swimming pool water is purified ecologically without the use of chlorine. Hymatic Swim was developed in order to use this technology in your swimming pool or spa. With Hymatic Swim any type of water can be disinfected effectively whilst maintaining a high water quality.

In addition, there is the facility to extend the Hymatic Swim water treatment system with a pool manager controller. Not just the ABOT technology, but also regulation of the pH level of the water, the filter pump, heating of the pool and pool lights can be controlled with Hymatic Swim. It’s fast and simple to install to your existing swimming pool system. Hymatic consists of a control panel 30 cm high and 30 cm wide, with a U-shaped tube in which the hydrolysis and electrolysis process takes place. The U-shape tube is 46 cm wide and 34 cm high..


  • Ecological chlorine-free water treatment
  • Compact and easy monitoring system
  • Continuous control of the purification of your pool water
  • Clear soft swimming water: no dry-skin after swimming
  • Prevents for skin reactions or allergies
  • Saves time for maintenance of your swimming pool
  • No costs of chlorine, salt or chemicals

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