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Our exclusive water-treatment technology ABOT is also applied for treatment of drinking water. It purifies water without the addition of chemicals or chlorine. The core of ABOT technology is the hymatic throughput armature, comprising a combination of a titanium electrode cell and a copper electrode cell. In order to remove further contamination effectively, additional filtering stages can be added to the process.

The patented hydrolysis process occurs when a conditioned electric current from a low voltage titanium electrode is conducted through the slow flowing water. Hydroxyl ions are then formed, and have high oxidation power (expressed as ORP). This oxidation power is much stronger in comparison to conventional methods of disinfection, such as with chlorine or ozone. Since the oxidation power is derived from the water itself, there are no undesirable side effects, such as chlorine odors or tastes.
In connection with, and in addition to the hydrolysis stage, low doses of copper ions are produced at the copper electrode cell during the transit of water. These also possess a biocide effect and remain in the water for a long time. They prevent bacteria or algae from nesting in the water system where they might survive.
The electromagnetic field has a decalcifying action: it is able to remove any incrustation present in the water system. It also gives protection against corrosion or damage to the pipework.

Treatment using ABOT technology will not produce any undesirable side effects on health, as might occur with conventional chlorine-dosing systems.

ABOT and hymatic together give the following benefits:

  • Environmental friendly water treatment
  • Continuous monitoring of the disinfection of your drinking water
  • Protection against the formation of Legionella's, cholera or other pathogenic bacteria
  • Eliminates substances such as nitrates, chlorides and phosphates
  • Prevents for calcium deposits in the pipework
  • Prevents for salty flavor and/or chlorine odor from the water
  • Low energy consumption compared to other water treatment systems

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