Physical sterilizer - European Union no chemical disinfection, used for swimming pool water sterilization, physical disinfection, no chemical agents, using abot - hydrolysis and ionization technology, healthy, chlorine free.

The physical sterilizer is a European origin, European Union honorary product, suitable for all types of water quality (including high alkali water), fully realize PLC automatic control, and can be extended to realize multi equipment control, such as heating, pool lamp, automatic backwash, swimming pool membrane, etc. it can be wireless remote monitoring, mobile phone, computer, iPad real-time monitoring of water quality.

No chemical processor control panel

The advanced bi polar oxidation technology (abot) combined with environmental protection hydrolysis and copper silver ions was used for water treatment, which truly realized chemical free disinfection. This technology hydrolyzes to produce Oh -, O -, O3, H2O2, O2 and other strong oxidants, which can instantly kill bacteria and viruses in water. Copper and silver ions are used as auxiliary sterilization and algae removal. Under certain concentration, copper and silver ions are harmless to human beings (in fact, people need copper and silver ions to keep healthy). The strong oxidant produced by hydrolysis is three times that of chlorine, and it is used in many water bodies. The following table compares the disinfection capacity of various oxidants:

Working principle of hymatic

The control circuit can convert the standard current (220 V, 50 Hz) into DC low voltage and current. Ionic water is generated by noble metal electrode and hydrolyzed to produce Oh -, O -, O3, H2O2, O2 and other strong oxidants. Therefore, it can produce a variety of strong oxidants to disinfect water without using chemicals.

The system generates ions Cu + + and Ag + from copper silver electrode, which can effectively remove algae, bacteria and viruses. According to the World Health Organization, the recommended dosage (0.5-0.7 ppm) for drinking water with a copper concentration of 2 mg / 1 will not endanger human health.

Advantages of hymatic:

1. Fully integrated total control, the hymatic system, with its new 10 Inch Touch screen, contains the necessary functions for each pool management. It provides continuous disinfection of swimming pool, control and adjust pH value, switch and speed of circulating pump, control and manage redox, conductivity of copper, silver and water, uses electromagnetic and electric field to automatically decalcify, control water level, pool cover, lights, music, etc.

2. Reduce the use of chemicals and water exchange, and efficient management and control of each pool parameters by the hymatic system. A comparative study found that for public swimming pools, before / after the installation of the hymatic system, there was a large output, and the chlorine, pH regulator and water exchange rate were significantly reduced.

3. Energy saving, compared with other water disinfection systems in the market, the hymatic system reduces power consumption by 50 to 90 times. According to the water temperature, the adjustable power and the running time of the circulating pump, the filtration time is optimized.

4. Easy to use, the owner can check and operate a range of different functions and parameters.

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