Hymatic HYS mart integrated machine

※ Integrated design,dedicated to the spa pool !

※ The ions in metal ion disinfection technology actually refer to copper ions and silver ions. The electrodes in the generator of metal ion disinfection system release copper ions and silver ions by precise low-voltage micro current. The excited copper ions and silver ions are positively charged, while the bacteria or micro organic matter in the water are generally negatively charged, so the copper and silver ions in the water can be associated with bacterial viruses or tiny The body causes the flocculation process. The flocculation is removed out of the swimming pool through the filtration system, so as to achieve the function of filtration and disinfection.

The application of hymatic simec ion disinfection water treatment technology breaks the past tradition that the water treatment and disinfection of swimming pools rely on chemical disinfection, reduces the harm of traditional disinfection pool chemicals to human body, and the pollution of chlorine and the corrosion of buildings and decorations in swimming pools have new prevention and control methods. This technology can be used in indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools, as well as applicable In any kind of water, including water with high alkali (hardness). It has realized the modern life concept of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon.

--Suitable for high-end clubs, villas, hotels, hot springs, parent-child clubs and other small and medium-sized swimming pools, spa and other places;

--Physical copper and silver ions are more stable than chlorine;

--Adopt environmental protection technology to effectively inhibit the generation of irritant products and special peculiar smell;

--Copper silver ion disinfection can effectively kill Legionella.

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