Cooling Towers

Chlorine is the most commonly used disinfectant for water treatment in cooling-tower systems. The two most significant drawbacks of this substance are the formation of corrosion and by-products of disinfection, especially Trihalomethanes (THMs).

Treatment with hymatic ions and copper ions, as in the case of Hymatic®Cooling Tower, is the finest conceivable technology for the disinfection and treatment of cooling water in cooling-tower circulation systems. Hymatic ions, like those produced from water molecules in our patented ABOT hymatic process, are among the most powerful oxidants available. They are many times stronger than chlorine, whether from chlorine hypochlorite or salt. Disinfection through the application of our ABOT technology is enhanced by the emission of copper ions. The copper ions in the circulating cooling water remain active for a long time keeping the entire cooling-water system free from germs.

Hymatic®Cooling Tower:

  • Possesses outstanding physic-chemical water properties through a combination special filtration and water treatment technology.
  • Disinfects the circulating cooling water by hymatic and copper ions,keeping the entire system free of bacteria and viruses for a long time.
  • Reduces the need to dose in any additional chemicals, such as biocides.
  • Produces a flocculation action, since the copper ions present in the water act as coagulants and flocculants, by which microscopically tiny floating dirt coagulates in the water into filterable contamination, which can then be drained off.
  • Ensures a reduction in biofilm in the connected heat exchangers. It results into more effective heat transfer and lower energy costs of the primary process.
  • Ensures increased effectiveness of the heat exchanging process by virtue of low or no deposits of biofilm in the cooling towers.
  • Extends the interval between each cleaning and maintenance of the cooling towers,storage facilities and installations.
  • Possesses a central control unit to manage many functions, including the pumps,pH and dosing levels, backwash cycle of the filtration process stage, replenishment and draining

The key benefits of Hymatic®Cooling Tower:

  • Ecological water treatment, in which all bacteria and non-saline viruses disappear from the cooling water without using chlorine or other chemicals
  • Prevents Legionella contamination
  • Lower deposits of bicarbonate solids from the water
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More efficient cooling process, hence lower energy consumption
  • Reduces health hazards for users, staff and people living nearby
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