Hymatic ®Irrigationmakes use of patented ABOT technology, whereby water can be purged of bacteria for irrigation uses in agriculture, gardens or at sports grounds. Spreading of pathogenic bacteria by spraying or hosing with water will be prevented for. Hymatic®Irrigation also ensures that contamination or calcification of equipment or water pipes is kept to the minimum. Since the irrigation water contains less calcium carbonate, silting-up of the soil is prevented for in an early stage.


  • Disinfects the irrigation water by making use of hydroxyl ions and copper ions,keeping it free of bacteria for a long time.
  • Prevents bacterial infections from plants or the environment. The mist that forms while spraying may contain Legionella bacteria. This hazard to human health is effectively removed.
  • Converts calcium carbonate into calcium bicarbonate, which is soluble in water.This prevents any calcification effect from occurring in the ground or soil.The irrigation water is better able to reach the roots of plants, resulting in a more effective irrigation process, and improved crop quality.
  • Produces less contamination or calcification of components and water pipes

The key benefits of Hymatic®Irrigation:

  • Ecological water-treatment technology without using chlorine.
  • Disinfected water prevents for the spread of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Cost reductions, as the cleaning process requires fewer chemicals.
  • Easier to maintain as less contamination can occur whilst cleaning.
  • Efficient usage, since more of the water reaches the plant's roots.
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