Imported German lamp, lamp cover, Schneider, abb and other famous accessories are used to ensure the quality.

Features of control system:

Using the latest microprocessor technology, using Mitsubishi / Ximen PLC accessories

Automatic operation: automatic startup and shutdown

Multi lamp monitoring: temperature detection, light intensity measurement, time recording, power-off memory protection

Wi-Fi connection function

Powerful function control box automatic cleaning system

Flow rate, UV dose and intensity data are integrated on the Datalogger

Chassis can be used in harsh environment (including outdoor)

Fast integrated heat sink.

The system is equipped with automatic recoil function, features: regular automatic lamp cleaning, time recording, power-off memory process, automatic protection for excessive current, automatic flushing induction, and 2-3 times greater torque than the same industry.


Anti power automatic cleaning system, anti-corrosion design, special ceramic high-temperature collar, this design can prevent rotation, even if the main control system failure will not cause damage to the cleaning system.

Installation note: the machine room shall be moisture-proof, dust-proof, ventilated and dry, the lamp tube shall be installed horizontally, and the extension space shall be reserved on both sides of the flange

Advanced medium pressure photocatalysis technology is the highlight of medium pressure ultraviolet disinfection:

The oxidation-reduction mechanism of photocatalyst is mainly that the photocatalyst is irradiated by light, absorbs light energy, generates electron transition, generates electron hole pair, directly oxidizes and reduces the pollutants adsorbed on the surface, or oxidizes the adsorbed hydroxyl radical (OH -) on the surface, and generates highly oxidized hydroxyl radical (· oh), which oxidizes the pollutants. The oxidation capacity of hydroxyl radicals (· oh) is twice as strong as that of common oxide clocks.

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