The Advanced Bi-polar Oxidation Technology (ABOT®)

Pure Water Concept is an effective treatment whereby water is disinfected and purified without adding any chemicals such as chlorine. With ABOT technology, we've found the answer to the question whether disinfection is feasible without the use of additives.

ABOT - Advanced Bi-polar Hidation Technology

Under this patented technology, use is made of hydrolysis and copper electrolysis to treat water ecologically. Hydrolysis and copper electrolysis are two tried-and-tested, widely used methods of water treatment.


Hydrolysis of water occurs when an electric current is conducted from the cathode (+) to the anode (-) of a reaction cell. The water thus functions as a fluid electricity conductor. In these specific circumstances, hydroxyl ions are produced. They have high oxidation power, which is expressed as ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

Constantly regulated production of hydroxyl ions is essential for effective water treatment. This applies irrespective of water quality or type. If this essential precondition is not satisfied, formation of the desired hydroxyl ions will be impeded; as a consequence, the effectiveness of disinfection will be badly compromised.

The table below gives an idea of the oxidation power of hydroxyl ions compared with other methods of disinfection.





ABOT uses electrolysis with copper electrodes as a secondarily applied technology. Copper has long been known to possess a biocide type of action, and is an excellent algaecide/bactericide in this form. However, copper ions are not harmful to humans at the specified concentrations (indeed, humans require copper to stay in good health). However, hymaticsis is the primary process in the ABOT technology. In combination with residual copper electrolysis, it forms a mutually reinforcing bond. Irrespective of water quality or type ABOT will produce a constant level of copper ions.

The technology perfected in ABOT is the only one able to control hydrolysis and copper electrolysis effectively and efficiently. Hence it is also the only technology that can treat any and every type of water. The result is a pure, hygienic product, and consistent water quality. A beneficial side-effect of the ABOT technology on water treatment is that it prevents the formation of lime deposits caused by calcium carbonate; in certain circumstances some of the calcium in the water is converted into bicarbonate, which is soluble and thus harmless.

ABOT technology is brought together in our Hymatic product line. With the Hymatic product line, we're able to disinfect any type of water effectively, thereby maintaining high water quality.

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